My grandmother Annabelle died over fifteen years ago, but she hugged me last night. Sleep evaded me and I snuggled beneath the covers, pulling the top layer under my chin. The nubby texture flooded my mind with memories stored within the stitches of the afghan my grandmother crocheted for me when I was in my teens.

I don’t know why she picked the colors she did. Well, one color’s yellow and my sister and I shared a yellow bedroom. I think I might have had something to do with that. But brown and orange? I haven’t a clue. Other than that bedroom, it’s never matched any decorating scheme of mine. Yet it’s always found a place on a couch, in a chair, or on my bed.

Daisy Belle enjoys Annabelle’s afghan

It’s still going strong. A testament to the durability of sports weight yarn. I’ve washed it hundreds of times in the thirty plus years I’ve carried it around the world. Created on a farm in Arkansas, it’s been to Germany and three states. Six apartments, six houses, and one condo. It’s also been slept on by my four Westies, the most recent named Daisy Belle. Grandmother would have liked that.

Sweet dreams.

What are your favorite memories of your grandmother?


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5 responses to “Hugs

  1. It is good that you have such good memories of your grandmother. Mine both passed away before I was old enough to get to know them, but now I am a grandma to four grandchildren who I am hoping to give warm memories to.

  2. Ahhh, that was sweet Pamela. My grandmother passed away back in August. It’s so hard to think that they are really gone. It still hasn’t settled in with me. But when I saw the afghan she made for you, I gasped. It is identical to the one my grandma made me! The colors, everything!

    • That’s great. I think these afghans speak to the time period. Maybe these colors were the one in the pattern. There’s always a higher frequency of matching creations by the pattern users. I’m glad you have yours. They’re invincible.

  3. A lovely post about our wonderful grandmother. I still have my afghan, too. What an adorable photo of Daisy!