Home for the holidays

Exactly where is that? Every day I’m at home with my husband and dog, visiting with friends nearby, or hanging out in my favorite places. During the holidays, other homes beckon. Birth family home being one of them. This year, that’s where I’m headed. We’re converging on Mom’s house in Arkansas where we’ll pig out on good Southern food to the point we have to loosen our jeans, laugh until our stomach hurts for another reason, catch up face to face, and maybe have a snit or two. That’s what family’s all about: being comfortable and safe with those who love you and knowing they’ll forgive you even when you get testy. Did anyone say pie?

The three girls

The three girls

Where’s your home for the holidays?

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  1. You’ve captured the essence of home. It’s that magic moment of spending time together for something special. It’s the prize at the end of the busy schedules, packed days, and checked-off to-do lists. Time with family is the part that matters. Thanks for reminding us!