What did you choose as your wedding music?

Recently I purchased Britannia: The RPO [Royal Philharmonic Orchestra] for the Royal Wedding. The song assortment got me thinking about music selections for weddings and receptions.

Britannia: The RPO for the Royal Wedding

Britannia: The RPO for the Royal Wedding

An American couple planning an ordinary wedding chooses between an individual instrument (we had a harp at our outdoor wedding), a band (probably some friends), a DJ, or a prerecorded selection. The royal couple had every possibility at their disposal—famous artists and live performances, of course.

Also, an American couple picks from their own preferences without concern for ceremony and historic influences. Maybe it would please Grandma Jane if they included a specific song, but they can do what they want. The royals have expectations as demonstrated by the inclusion of God Save the Queen on this recording.

Ultimately, the music choices create an audio snapshot of the wedding day. When I listen to this CD, I’m transported to a place of elegance and happiness. A nice result.

What about you? What did you play at your wedding? What format did you choose?


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3 responses to “What did you choose as your wedding music?

  1. “in My Life,” played on acoustic guitar and sung by one of my kids’ close friends.