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Praying in color

I like color. Vivid colors—royal blue, raspberry, leaf green—and soft colors—butter yellow, lavender, cotton candy pink. I also enjoy praying. But sometimes the grip on my heart is too strong, too difficult to articulate. Praying in Color: Drawing a New Path to God by Sybil MacBeth provides the perfect solution. It’s a chance to speak to God with the Holy Spirit’s help. The approach is simple, requiring only time, paper, colored pens or pencils, and a willing heart. MacBeth’s book contains explanations and color examples.


I have used this technique in many ways. I have prayed for friends and their families. The paper results were colorful representations of the time I spent focusing on every member of their families. It’s a joy to then mail that paper format to my friend to remind her how important she is to me and God. I used this approach for a group of friends, praying individually for each of them before we gathered. That occasion gave me time to reflect upon each of them, their needs, and what a blessing they were to me. This method also works when my heart and brain are too full and I need to spend time with God, bringing every thought, need, anguish, and joy before him. He knows my heart and through this encounter I feel connected to him. Image

When I’m finished praying in color, I have a tangible representation of an encounter with God and my time pouring myself on the page about a person or issue. What a beautiful blessing. 

Have you tried this technique? Is it something you’d like to try?


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