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Birthdays in the era of social media

I celebrated my birthday yesterday. Along with many of my friends. Thanks to Facebook, I received greetings and well wishes throughout the day. Every new message lifted my spirits. I smiled at each ding of my cell phone alerting me to activity. Talk about an ADD experience. Getting dressed—ding. Eating lunch—ding. Enjoying downtown Fort Collins—ding. What fun!

Never before have I felt connected to so many at one time. Having a summer birthday has always meant being out of school and nowhere near my buddies who celebrated together throughout the year. So sad. As I got older, it meant everyone scattered for vacations and I partied with a few. Not as sad.

But now—Facebook as electronic party thrower. What a thrill.

Roses from David

Roses from David

So, thanks to everyone who gave me a ding yesterday. I had a great time and felt blessed by all of you. May your birthday be as happy.

What about you? How has social media affected your celebrations?

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My grandmother Annabelle died over fifteen years ago, but she hugged me last night. Sleep evaded me and I snuggled beneath the covers, pulling the top layer under my chin. The nubby texture flooded my mind with memories stored within the stitches of the afghan my grandmother crocheted for me when I was in my teens.

I don’t know why she picked the colors she did. Well, one color’s yellow and my sister and I shared a yellow bedroom. I think I might have had something to do with that. But brown and orange? I haven’t a clue. Other than that bedroom, it’s never matched any decorating scheme of mine. Yet it’s always found a place on a couch, in a chair, or on my bed.

Daisy Belle enjoys Annabelle’s afghan

It’s still going strong. A testament to the durability of sports weight yarn. I’ve washed it hundreds of times in the thirty plus years I’ve carried it around the world. Created on a farm in Arkansas, it’s been to Germany and three states. Six apartments, six houses, and one condo. It’s also been slept on by my four Westies, the most recent named Daisy Belle. Grandmother would have liked that.

Sweet dreams.

What are your favorite memories of your grandmother?


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