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What helps me through difficult times?

Difficult days come. They hit me and knock me down. Sometimes they knock me flatter than a blob of ice cream on the sidewalk on a 100-degree day. Staying down’s tempting, but I don’t like the idea of watching the party when I could be in it. Allowing myself to spiral deeper isn’t appealing.

So, how do I stop the dive into that melted sugary ooze? I remember who my God is and who I am in Christ. To do that, I read the Bible and listen to music. My current favorite song for that purpose is Overcomer by Mandisa. Great words, upbeat tempo (echoes of American Bandstand here). thBoth combine to encourage me, lift my spirits, point me forward. Check out the words at http://www.songlyrics.com/mandisa/overcomer-lyrics/ and see if agree they’re that good. Put-you-back-in-the-cone good.

What about you? What helps you out of the doldrums?



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