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Home for the holidays 2013

I started working on my blog yesterday. I picked the book and sketched my mind map, but the day’s events kept invading. Distracting me, blocking my thoughts.

First on my calendar was the closing on our Colorado house. That required no participation by us. However, I imagined the new owners experiencing their first day in the dwelling that had been our home for nine years. A good home. One we were comfortable in. Now theirs. I hoped they enjoy it as much as we did. That they form good friendships, appreciate the neighbors, relax by the pond. I did. I’m trading all that for new options—the blank journal pages of my life.

Next on my calendar was the move-out inspection from our California apartment. Our temporary home. Comfortable enough, but where were the friends and the memories? No time to accumulate those. Merely a few weeks in limbo. Weeks that gave me time to acclimate to northern California, remember the busy traffic, and experience record low temperatures.


Hillside view

Finally, my agenda ended with the appointment to sign documents for our next home. The one we plan to make comfortable. Our dreams swirl around this next building—a condo this time because taking care of outside space isn’t our thing. But it has two balconies from which to watch the birds soar in the thermals against the hillside and enjoy the sunsets. A change of scenery. A chance to make new friends. Another phase of life.

But those dreams must wait until Thursday to begin. California’s closing process works that way. So I’m still on hold, waiting. Dreaming. But not focusing hard enough to write about the book I recently read. Hopefully I’ll do that next month when I am in our new home. Until then we’ll make it our home for the holidays.

How’s your holiday home? Is it familiar? Have you made changes?


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Do you know the way to San Jose?

Recently I’ve learned two ways to get there. Hop on a plane and fly. It’s a short flight from Denver, barely long enough to justify spending time with security checks and baggage claim. Alternatively, it’s a 20-hour drive on I-80. Head west. If you land in the ocean, you’ve gone too far. Before then, turn south.


San Jose, California, map

Flying I encountered rolling luggage, hurried travelers, and a packed plane. I read and dozed, clueless about the terrain we flew over. Driving I saw Laramie, Rawlins, and Rock Springs, Wyoming; Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah; Elko, Winnemucca, and Reno, Nevada; and Donner Pass, Truckee, and Sacramento, California. In the car, I read and dozed, observing the mountains, snow, rain, blowing leaves, prong-horn antelopes, sheep, salt flats, and the Mothball Fleet (Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet).

Which way to San Jose is better? Depends on the point of the trip. Do I want speed or adventure? Both are good choices. Fortunately, I experienced both.

Which way do you prefer to travel to San Jose?

(My recent move to San Jose prompted this blog. New adventures await.)

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